Trying The Trend: 9 Inspiring Buddha Bowl Recipes For Beginners


It’s not easy to define what a Buddha bowl is.

Though the dish has become an internet sensation, taking over Pinterest feeds and blogs across the world, the origins and defining factors remain unclear.

Despite what the name suggests, the meal does not have Asian origins but instead evolved around the idea of ‘Buddha’ due to the roundness of the bowl used (resembling the Buddha belly) and the use of vaguely ‘Asian’ ingredients (often soy sauce or sesame seeds etc.).

So what exactly is it?

Besides the container itself, there are very few things that are consistent with Buddha bowls. In short, you take several ingredients that you like and place them in a bowl side by side without mixing them together. Veggies (raw or cooked), a grain (rice, quinoa etc.) and pulses are necessary. Beautiful colour contrasts are a plus, and if you have managed to include an Asian ingredient like tofu, even better.

They’re suitable for any weather since they can be served hot or cold and they tend to be great for health, energy and concentration.

To make it easier, we’ve made a list of some of the simplest and most accessible recipes for Buddha bowls to get you started. Have you got your bowl ready?

The anatomy of a Buddha bowl

This helpful guide demonstrates the basics of a Buddha bowl step by step with photos. And each step is multiple-choice, showing you how to prepare a variety of grains/ vegetables/ sauces etc. so that the options are completely open.

If you read nothing else about this style of cooking, this will give you the perfect starting place!

buddha bowl steps
Hurry the food up

Full post and recipe here.

Decisions decisions

Without going into as much detail as the previous post, this ‘recipe’ lists the yet more possible combinations to make a Buddha bowl, even listing ingredients for the best sauces to make.

More importantly, it breaks down how to cook quinoa, a less common grain which is often used for a protein boost in this style of dish. Once you’ve mastered that, the Buddha bowl is yours.

buddha bowl options
The Chalkboard

Check out the list here.

Sesame tofu inspiration

Whether or not you decide to use the same vegetables for the rest of the bowl, toasting sesame seeds with tofu is a fantastic way to add a healthy, protein-filled and tasty element to your meal.

sesame tofu buddha bowl
Daily burn

Learn to make it here.

If you’re not convinced by grains

If you’ve reached this point and you’re thinking, “but I just don’t like rice that much”, we’ve found a delicious recipe for you too!

It seems there are almost no limits to what you can do with these bowls of fun!

no grain buddha bowl
Minimalist Baker

Find the no-grain recipe here.

Colour inspiration

For those who love a bit of colour and spice in their food, the Buddha bowl is a great opportunity to bring together some of the most vibrant ingredients that you hadn’t considered. And hey, they look fantastic in photos.

buddha bowl rainbow video
Kitchen Stories (video)

There are some creative ideas here and here.

Pesto is not just for pasta

Revelation. If you’re unsure about the idea of a Buddha bowl, stick to something you know and love to introduce you to the style. Most people enjoy pesto so using it for a new dish could be a good way to make your meals healthier and more exotic.

pesto buddha bowl
Scaling Back Blog

Get the full recipe here.

A bowl of tacos

While we’re on the subject of taking advantage of dishes you already like, this genius idea combines the Buddha bowl style with deconstructed tacos. It’s a gateway dish!

taco buddha bowls
Fit Foodie Finds

Mix it up with the recipe here.

Red falafel

All in all, Buddha bowls give you the opportunity to experiment with new things. Top off the dish with these cute, colourful, tasty and delicious beetroot falafel balls to brighten up the day. Plus, you can bake them in advance and use them on several dishes.

beetroot falafel buddha bowl
Eat Love Eats

Learn to make them here.

Feeling fancy

Some of us like to dive right in when we try a new dish, making it as complicated as possible and really experiencing new tastes from the get-go. So we’ve also included the yummiest, most beautiful, most typical Buddha bowl we could find for your enjoyment. For the confident beginner!

egg complicated buddha bowl delhicioso blog
Green Kitchen Stories

Full recipe here.


Typically, elements such as a fried egg, tahini sauce or tofu can be included seeing as the bowl is meant to resemble an Asian dish (such as ramen). This is great for being adventurous and experimenting with fusions and fresh tastes!

We love to travel with food and we think that this is a great way to do so. Have you tried creating your own yet? The possibilities are endless!

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