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Do you do home delivery?

We are exclusively a workspace-only delivery service, bringing fresh meals to offices & co-working space at lunchtime Monday-Friday. 

Do you deliver to my office?

We deliver to all offices across Barcelona city; However if your office is on our registered list to sign up , you receive special offers & discounts!

Is there a minimum order?

For our registered offices, there is no minimum order, and delivery is free! 

How can I benefit from Corporate Offers?

All members of your office will enjoy the benefits of Corporate Offers as a ‘Registered workspace’ as soon as we have 5 members ordering from the same office :) 

Can we automate regular deliveries?

Absolutely yes! We personalise packages for office managers who organise regular lunches at the office to give them an easy way to manage food for the team :) Ask for a quote at info@delhicioso.com  

What is your cancellation policy?

You are free to cancel your advance orders until 23:59 the day before delivery. A small service fee will be deducted (0.25€ + 1.4% for European cards). However, cancellations made on the same day of delivery cannot be refunded, as we are already preparing your lunch fresh!