12 Flawless Gift Ideas For The Budding Chef

It’s not easy to take that step from being a food lover to a genuine connoisseur in the kitchen, and some of us just need a small push in the right direction.

So if you have a friend who has tentatively started throwing dinner parties, or a family member who is far too modest about their cooking skills, encourage them to let their culinary flag fly with these quirky and genuinely useful kitchen items.

Inspire their inner chef!

  1. Onion holder

A huge number of meals start by cutting an onion. For ease and precision (as well as safety – you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself!), this steadies the vegetable and gets your cooking off to a speedy start!

Onion cutter
Credit: KitcheNova

Get it here.

  1. All-purpose chopping board

You’re heating up the water, the pan, and preparing vegetables. You end up surrounded by small plates of chopped ingredients with no space left on the board itself.

Voilà the solution. It’s genius.

chopping board blog
Credit: Amazon

Buy it from here.

  1. Oil / butter / egg glazer

Depending on what you are cooking, you can put oil, melted butter, or whisked egg in the container for simple glazing. No more wasted oil or uneven glazing!

Credit: Amazon

It’s available to buy here.

  1. Marinade and tenderise meat in moments

Marinating meats can take hours, and tendering can be tiring. With this tool, you’ll have the desired result of both in one. The perfect meat can be achieved time and time again!

meat tenderiser
Credit: Hammacher

Get the perfect gift for meat loving cooks here.

  1. Himalayan Salt Block

This gift is slightly next level. It can be a chopping board, a cooking board, a serving board or a baking board… and of course it lightly seasons your food! It is a solid block of unusual pink salt and retains heat amazingly, making it great to cook upon but also to serve and keep the food warm.

Bonus: it’s just beautiful isn’t it?

himalayan salt block
Credit: NotOnTheHighstreet

Buy salt block products here.

  1. Onion goggles

Hooray! The saviour we have been looking for. No more ruined make-up just before the guests arrive for dinner (just make sure you take them off before you answer the door).

Onion goggles
Credit: UncommonGoods

Get a pair here.

  1. Herb stripper

It’s a frustrating and somewhat wasteful task to pull the leaves off herb stalks, but this neat little gift is exactly the thing for those who use a lot of herbs such as in French cooking.

herb stripper
Credit: Amazon

Buy yours here.

  1. Avocado hugger

These cute ‘huggers’ stop the second half of your avocado from going black so that you can enjoy it for another day! Practical and pretty for your avocado obsessed friend!

Avocado hugger
Credit: UncommonGoods

Get the pack of 2 here.

  1. Adjustable rolling pin

If the receiver of this gift is more of a baker or likes to work with pastry products, they will love the chance to roll it perfectly every time. No more worrying about pressure or getting the right size; the rolling pin does it for you.

Rolling pin
Credit: Amazon

Buy it here.

  1. Cast iron frying pan

Apart from being beautiful and fantastic for cooking on the hob, a pan like this can be transferred to the oven to make an amazing range of dishes, cooked perfectly in cast iron. This is a gift that will be kept for life.

Cast iron frying pan
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Get them in different sizes here.

  1. Water draining pot

Forget colanders or clumsy water draining with the lid; this idea is so obvious you’ll wonder why they never did it before.

water draining pot
Credit: Amazon

Grab yours here.

  1. The gift of experience in world-food

For someone who really has an interest in becoming a masterful cook, this subscription allows them to receive new unusual ingredients every month from around the world, with recipes and instructions on how to use them. They could be cooking Jamaican food one day, and Indian curry the next, starting every dish from scratch to properly learn what goes into their food.

world food cooking subscription
Credit: NotOnTheHighstreet

Get the subscription here for 3 or 6 months.


Which one of these gifts suits your foodie friend or relative best?

Either way, it’s the season for sharing and for eating great food with your loved ones, so the best way to let them know you care is to cook and enjoy it together!

What better way to make the season bright? ??❄️❄️

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